Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Beware the automatic door

Okay, this confuses me to no end. Why is there a sign on every automatic door in the world that says "Caution"? I mean was there a rash of automatic door accidents that prompted this sign?

I don't even understand why it is necessary to use caution whilst entering an automatic door.

Often when approaching an automatic door I will alert any companions to the dangers ahead.

"BE CAREFUL!!!! There is an automatic door."

I postulate that far more people run into non-automatic doors thinking that the door will open for them, I have even seen this on occasion. I have never spied a sign saying "Caution, normal door". You would think that sign would come in more handy.


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  2. CRAP! Where were you this morning when I broke two femurs, three nails and two pancreassssses in an automatic door?

    Deadly, I tell you. mumblegrumblemumble

    Word verification: NOUSHETT, which is French for "no shett."

    Second word verification, as I screwed up the first one: PUBLES, meaning "having no pubes."

  3. you have rescued me from many door incidents and i thank you, my beloved pirate ninja. not a day passes that i don't sigh with relief that i did not marry a ninja pirate; there's no telling what hazards may have befallen as a result.